Why You Should Stop “Trying” SO Hard

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So I’m currently studying to become certified in NLP and it’s really brought to my awareness just how much the way you speak impacts your entire life.
Even when we feel like we’re affirming positive change it’s so easy for us to impose limitations on ourselves, often without even realizing it. One of these limiters is our frequent use of the words “try” and “trying”.

Although it seems like such a small thing, the word trying could be holding you back from all the things you’re “trying” to achieve.

But why is that? Well, you see “try” diminishes our intentions. When you try to do something it takes away the assertion that you’re actually doing something.

For example: If I’m trying to pick up a pen, there’s an air that I may or may not actually ever pick up that pen. It’s as if the decision, potential and ultimate ability to lift the pen comes from a source other than myself.

In reality, I either pick up the pen or I don’t. Although this is a small example, it’s easily transferred to your actual goals.

I’ll say you’re “trying to” ask out the man of your dreams well you might find a reason not to. You might feel your head with doubts and limiting thoughts but reframe it. Say I’m asking out the man of my dreams and go and do it.

Let’s say your “trying” to find your dream job.
Well, what’s stopping you? Are you underqualified? are you not applying to jobs? Why is it that you’re “trying” to find your dream job when you could be out there finding your dream job? Do you lack the skills or technical knowledge to get the job?
Well, then that gives you an actionable pass that you can work on rather than just saying “I’m trying to do something and I’m failing.”

Living in that state means that you’re always trying and trying, but never succeeding. It’s better to go out there and do things rather than to keep trying and trying and trying so I really challenge you to stop trying and just start doing.

I know life doesn’t boil down to a simple as that, but..why can’t it.
If you tell yourself that you can do anything you want, without needing to “try” to do something, doesn’t that give you so much more power in your life? It puts you in a position where YOU decide what does OR does not happen in your life.

Rather than allowing outside forces to control you, choose to go after your dreams wholeheartedly and apologetically.

Actionable takeaways:

-Write down 3-5 goals you want to focus on in the next 6-12 months.

-Remove the words trying and try when discussing your goals