The Power of “I am” Affirmations.

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The Power of “I am” Affirmations.

Do you constantly tell yourself: I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough, I’m not worthy enough for my dream life.
Well, what if I told you that all those limitations are a manifestation of your own limiting beliefs? What if I told you that by changing the way that you talk about yourself, you could change every single thing in your life? That is the power of I am statements.

See, “I am” is the most powerful praise that humans use. it has many different forms in many different languages but “I am” speaks to the core of how we see ourselves.

In fact, if you took elementary Spanish in school then you might know that Spanish has two forms of the phrase “I am”.
One of these forms talks about temporary things like: “I am on my way to the beach” or “I am wearing a red blouse”. Those are temporary states.

But, the Spanish language also has a form of “I am” that talks about fundamental beliefs about your identity. I’m a sister I am a wife I am a teacher etc.

What you believe you are is what defines what you are. Now I know that sounds a little ‘woo woo’ but the thing is if you believe yourself to be something, that’s exactly what you are.

So, what are you telling yourself that you are? Have you sat down and listened to the things you say when you use the phrase I am?

If you haven’t I challenge you to start. If you listen to the words that you use daily, you might find that you’re using I am to hold you back from your dreams rather than to empower you to chase them.

For example, if you are saying things like: I am fat or I’m so stupid or I’m not able, you’re reinforcing these opinions of yourself. Instead, if you could focus on telling yourself the things that you desire to be, it would be so much easier for you to see a massive change in your life.

Rather than telling yourself all the things that society has made you feel like you are, why not start telling yourself all the things that you desire to be?

Why not say I am beautiful I am confident I am amazing why not say I am successful in my job, in my life in my career. Doesn’t that benefit you so much more than telling yourself things like I’m not enough.

So I challenge you to take stock of what you are saying when you use the phrase “I am”. Are you telling yourself all the things that you want to be or are you affirming the things that society has conditioned you to believe? It is more empowering to use the phrase I am for good rather than for bad.

Also as a bonus try to see how you’re using the phrase you are when you’re talking about other people. Try to refrain from talking about people negatively. Often, the way we talk about others can be a reflection of the way we see ourselves. If we judge others, it might signify that we see ourselves that same way. some food for thought.

I challenge you to reevaluate the way that you talk about yourself and others so that you can live a happier more fulfilled life.