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I’m Stephy!

Self lovin’ babe from NYC on a quest to spread love and positive vibes

My name’s Stephanie, but you can call me Stephy!

In the past couple of years, I’ve completely changed my life.

-I’ve lost over 200 pounds
-Developed my self-confidence
-overcame disordered eating
-Kicked depression’s butt.

I made this site to help share resources to help you overcome your obstacles and live your best life!

Not to sound like a resume but…

I’m “highly motivated and creative”.

Those are true, but it’s the stuff you won’t find on a resume that motives, drives and ultimately defines me.

I’m hardheaded and stubborn. Once I set my mind to something its mine.

I’m quirky and odd. And passionate about everything. Often so passionate that talking about things I love or feel strongly about often brings me to tears.

I laugh often and loudly and smile at puppies and babies and particularly pretty clouds.
I adore everyone and everything and seeing other people happy and living their lives fuels me.

I’m often hard on myself, sometimes too hard, but only because I know that I’m capable of almost anything and deserve the best.

I am by no means perfect, but I’ve taught myself to fully embrace myself anyway.

I love myself so deeply and fully and I truly hope I inspire others to do the same.